10 Best Ways to Style Your Summer Clothes!

10 Best Ways to Style Your Summer Clothes!

Like clockwork, winter is over, and wonderful, hot and humid summer is upon us. It’s time now for breezy, light summer clothes that showcase your style and vibe. That’s where we at Quirky Perks come to your rescue. We got you’ friend! 


Personally, we feel summer clothes are the best - they’re comfortable, yet stylish and it’s the one season where you can go crazy on the prints and the colors! These kinds of prints for summer clothes are difficult to find in India but lucky for you, the one and only Quirky Perks is one of the few stores in India that has a wide range of crop topscrop tanks, and t-shirts, both for men and women. It’s not just the summer clothes that are fun - you can accessorize these clothes with cute jewelry which are playful and won’t be hidden under the dark colors of your winter clothes. 


Quirky Perks is one of the best summer clothes stores in India. Not only do we sell relatable and hip summer clothes, but we also sell jewelry and other quirky items that you can use to accessorize and make said summer clothes even more trendy and fashionable. 


In this blog, not only will we tell you what you can expect in our summer clothes collection, but also give you tips and ideas on how to style these items and make your hip wardrobe ready for the summer. We all need this, especially after the year we’ve had! 

So what are our summer clothes items?


For Her

1. Crop Tank - Gangsta' Harry Styles

Style this colorful, and summery crop tank, with ripped jeans for a casual, minimalistic look. Of course, minimalistic doesn’t always mean less fashionable. 


2. Crop Tank - Girl on The Street

Summer clothes are all about loud colors and quirky prints. What if we told you, you could find both in this chic and loud “Girl On The Street” crop tank? This is not only a commentary on the modern feminist movement but also sets into the theme that summer clothes should be - fun, quirky, and eye-catching! So hurry up and get it so you can look both cool and comfy in this crop tank. Get your summer clothes right before the summer heat brings you down, only @ Quirky Perks. 


3. Crop Top - Hotter Than Hell

We think this is the best buy you could make to add to your summer clothes wardrobe. We mean, who doesn’t want a top that not only states the obvious (that you’re hotter than hell) but also describes Indian summers? Wear this crop tank with ripped jeans and make a style statement without much effort! Also doesn’t hurt that the crop top itself looks bomb AF, but, to be fair, all our clothes make you look bomb AF, so rush to Quirky Perks, and purchase summer clothes before they go out of stock!


4. Mona Lisa Crop Top

Monalisa is a relic. What’s more fun than Monalisa sipping coke through a mask? If that’s your plan for the summer, then get this crop top, and add it to your summer clothes collection ASAP! 



5. Tshirt - Sunshine and Whiskey

Yaaaassss, this caption is the mood for this summer, and your summer clothes should reflect that! This Sunshine and Whiskey t-shirt encapsulates all of your summer plans and more, and who wants to answer all those questions about your plans? Just point to this t-shirt and you’re good to go while looking on point sis! Get your summer clothes now at Quirky Perks, India’s premier gift shop!


For Him

6. Pizza and Opinion Tshirt

Embrace your sass and channel it towards the people who are making your life hella’ difficult, this summer. Let them know you preferred the ‘za with the help of this t-shirt! Summer clothes should channel your essence and personality, and no shirt could do it better than this one. Life is short and ain’t nobody got time for intrusive opinions that ya don’t need. Go to Quirky Perks and purchase these t-shirts for the summer STAT. That’s an order. 


7. Tshirt - Drinking and Drakeing

Summer clothes should reflect the perfect vibes that you’re going to set in the hottest season! Just like your plans, the vibes of your summer clothes must be one and one thing only - IMMACULATE. So, it’s only natural that your go-to party t-shirt is our fav, Drinking and Drakeing.  After all, who doesn’t want to be doing both of these things in a summer party outside, especially after being cooped in for so long. Don’t think about it for too long, we have a feeling these babies are going to be sold out soon. Get these and more summer clothes, only at our one and only clothes store, Quirky Perks



8. Personalised Beach Hats

Planning on going to the beach this summer? Use this personalised beach hat to complete your summer clothes look and make it on fleek! Style it with our crop tanks or with our other accessories, and make it your own! Your summer clothes wardrobe will be poppin’ after this purchase, we promise. 


9. Jewellery 

Buy from our amazing collection of jewellery to style your summer clothes with, and add sass and character to your simple outfits. Choose from our collection of necklaces, earrings, charms and bracelets and jazz up your summer clothes wardrobe with little to no effort. 


10. Tote Bags

Accessories are just as important when styling your summer clothes, so why not invest in an accessory that not only hold your other accessories, but also make your outfit look stylish and “summery.” 

Take a look at our chic totes, like this one that says “Live by the sun, love by the moon.” It’ll be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, and will help you carry all your COVID essentials as well - sanitiser, mask etc. So don’t think on it too much, press buy and get this tote now!

At Quirky Perks, we have so many amazing, trendy and breezy summer clothes that will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Head over to our website, and fulfill your shopping cravings and fill that wardrobe with summer clothes and accessories that will make you shine, and make your friends constantly ask you where you got them from. And you'll only have one answer - Quirky Perks