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There are a bunch of people in your life that are the most important part of your being. They stand by you no matter what. They can be your mother, sister, brother, father, best friend, or anyone else. There’s a friend you see in all of them and they make living life easier for you. Thanking them isn’t something that can be done in just one go, so your best gifts have to be for those friends.

Imagine when it’s their birthday, there are so many things you have to consider, of which, finding that one best gift for them is a huge one. Selecting the best gift for friends can be quite challenging for everyone, regardless of how much knowledge one has about gifting or how informed one is about things and places around them. You are bombarded with so many options, that it becomes tough to choose just one.

To make this choice easier, here is a list of 10 best gifts for friends from the Quirky Perks Gift Shop, all of which are adequately thoughtful, quirky, and unique in their own way which your loved ones are surely going to love.



1. Hexagon Vanity Box

 One of the most thoughtful and best gifts for your girl-friends is a jewellery storage box. Usually, your friend would have a boxful of jewellery that needs proper sorting and storing. To make this task easier, a jewellery storage box is the best gift for her. The box not only keeps the jewellery detangled but also gives it an aesthetic vibe.

The Hexagon Vanity Box, also known as The Hexagonal Golden Glass jewellery Box from Quirky Perks, which is a one-stop gift shop, is the best gift for friends. The box adds glitz and glamour to the adornments. The golden colour adds to the attractive aura of the box and the three partitions make organising the jewels set inside an uncomplicated system.


2. Evil Eye Merch 

Just like a mother trying to protect her child from evil energies, do the same for your friend. The best gift you can give someone is to protect them from the malevolent glare of the unknown. The best and the quirkiest way to do so is to gift a coaster with an evil eye, or evil eye bands and necklaces which are quite customary in India. These are totally the best gifts for your friends as these can be used even as an aesthetic décor, especially the coaster, and also set a unique tone.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift idea then the Quirky Perks Evil Eye coaster or charms from the Quirky Perks Gift Shop are the way to go. They are the best gift for your loved ones or yourself. The minimalistic design and eye-catchy colours of the coasters, charms, and notepads are quite striking and complement the wearer well. Whether you are gifting it to your boss-lady friend or a homemaker, the evil eye products are surely going to a big hit.


3. 'Follow That Dream' Notebook/Diary

It is always said that the key to get organised is to write things down and to set the tone for the day. A notebook helps to set the focus on the goal of the day; set the priorities and delegate the rest. It becomes easier to set more time aside and also achieve more. The best gift for friends is something that helps to support their dreams and make their life easier.

‘Follow That Dream’ notebook from Quirky Perks, which is a one-stop gift shop for all your gifting needs, is the best gift for friends who are dreamers and wish to make it big in life. It can be used as a To-Do List jotter, Gratitude Journal, Goal Tracker, or Feel-Good List. The notebook will not only help them to keep their goals in check but also their personal life. It will help your friends become the best possible version of themselves on a professional, personal, and mental level.


4. Geometric Double-Sided Earrings

Fashion isn’t something that can be carried elegantly & flawlessly by everyone, but we all have that one friend who can pull off anything. Gifting a pair of earrings that can go with any outfit is the best gift anyone can get. So why not gift your trendy friend a pair of earrings that can go along with any of her outfits?

To make it easier for you, we are present to you, the Geometric Double Side Earrings from the Quirky Perks gift shop collection. These earrings are the perfect gift for friends who loves to dress basic and mismatch their jewellery with Indian and Western outfits to make it look trendy and sophisticated altogether.


5. Zebra Jewellery Trinket Jar

Jewellery is said to be a woman’s best friend. When paired with the right outfit, it adds oomph to the look. So, it is apparent that women have loads of jewellery to go with different outfits. To sort them out, jewellery trinket jars are the best gifts for friends who love to keep their jewellery organised and ready, and also sometimes carry it all along while traveling. The jars are chic & trendy enough to add to the aesthetics of the room or their dressing table.

Quirky Perks Zebra Jewellery Trinket Jars lets you store and organise the jewellery in an ornamental manner. There are so many choices available in the Quirky Perks gift shop, but this is the best gift for friends who are always in the search of items to put in their room that also matches their room décor.


6. Charms

Everyone loves things that add to the beauty of their possessions. Charms add to the look and beauty of bracelets. Charms are a representation of who the person is, where the person has been to and what the person believes in. Charms can be used even as an earring accessory or even as a necklace pendant.

Quirky Perks’ quirkier charms are surely your go-to gift item. It has a range of charms from Hamsa Hands, Evil Eyes, World Maps, and Rainbows to simplistic Heart and Moon designs. These are multipurpose charms, that are the best gift for friends, as they can be used as an earring, necklace pendant, or on a watch too.


7. 'Sunshine & Whiskey' Crop Top

Who doesn’t like to add more tops to their collection? Gifting apparel to your friend is surely the easiest option available out there, isn’t it? But you have to make sure that it’s in vogue. Speaking of vogue, crop tops have surely become a fashion symbol amongst girls. They can pair easily with jeans, skirts, or even shorts.

Quirky Perks has a wide collection of Crop Tops available for you to choose from. Of which, we have handpicked our Sunshine and Whiskey Crop-top specifically for you. This crop-top will be a staple in your friend’s wardrobe. It is comfortable and stylish for any day out, making it the best gift for friends.


8. 'Aatma Near Bar' Men's T-shirt

We surely didn’t forget gifts for men. Men’s t-shirts is not just for him but can also be worn by her. There is not a lot more that makes a man happier than good apparel added to his wardrobe. A t-shirt is always handy and the best gift for friends. Lately, even women have been wearing men’s t-shirts calling them “Boyfriend T-shirts”. The reason women love men’s t-shirts is because of their baggy style and comfort. Meaning, a men’s t-shirt can be the best gift for both men and women.

'Aatma Near Bar' Men’s T-shirt from the Quirky Perks collection is the best gift for friends from our gift shop. It has a quirky, humorous, and sassy message which makes it cool to wear. This t-shirt is 100% bio-washed cotton with a DTG print. It can be styled by men with denim or by women with a skirt, as a dress, or with jeans, making it the best gift for all.


9. Personalised Initial Necklace

Who doesn’t like accessories? Of all the   accessories, a necklace goes a long way. It can be worn with almost everything. There has been a trend of gifting personalised initial necklaces to friends for quite some time. This necklace is the best gift for friends as it reminds her of herself. It is a reminder to her to take care of herself apart from others.

These personalised initial necklaces are hard to get hands-on in India. But Quirky Perks is making it easier for you. The personalised initial necklaces are alluring, cute, and dainty that can be customised as per your need. You can customise these for yourself, for a special friend as a unique gift, or also for your sorority sister/friend.


10. Watch Chain with Personalised Charm, Rose Gold Charm & Unicorn Charm

In today’s era, no one wants to be deemed as boring. And this goes with fashion as well. Wearing just a watch has never been so dreary, but to up your game, you can use a chain with a charm on it. This minimalistic charm chain adorns an aesthetic appeal to the watch and watches have now become a symbol of an everlasting trend.

Quirky Perks watch chain with charm is the best gift for friends or yourself. These delicate charms are in a unicorn design, rose gold as well as in alphabet initials. These hard to find chain with charms is exclusively availed on Quirky Perks website.

All the above gift options will surely check out all your gifting needs. These gifts are such that can be gifted to your friend or yourself. Always remember, you are your first best friend. Treating yourself with amazing gifts is always a good option. Quirky Perks is the one-stop gift shop for all your gifting and shopping needs. To add some quirk to your life, go get some perks from our website right away!