4 Best Summer Clothes For Men

4 Best Summer Clothes For Men

4 Best Summer Clothes For Men


Summer clothes are the most important, if you think about it. Because in India, summer is all year around. So summer clothes are worn all year around. They ought to be stylish and make you look cool. 


Summer and fashion don’t always go hand in hand for men. Looking good comes easy when the temperatures drop. You can let your inner lumberjack shine, and chances are you’ll look fine. But Summer… that’s a different monster.


If the situation calls for something with a little class, you have three options: muscle tanks, caption t-shirts, and oversized t-shirts. 

While there are probably hundreds of different types of fabrics, blends, and weaves, I want to simplify it for you.

Only wear cotton in the summer, the King of summer fabrics.

The majority of your summer pieces should be and will be  100%  biodegradable cotton, only at Quirky Perks.

Why this is a great summer fabric: Cotton is extremely breathable and versatile. Thanks to the tighter weave, it wrinkles less than looser weave fabrics like linen.

  1. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees often get a bad rap, mostly because less stylish guys overdo it with ugly graphics or funny sayings. Summer BBQ by the pool is just begging for a nice graphic tee!

2. Slogan Tees\

Embrace your sass and channel it towards the people who are making your life hella’ difficult this summer. Let them know you preferred the ‘za with the help of this t-shirt!

The official anthem of 2021. Gotta’ do what you gotta do to be safe!

T-shirts are wardrobe staples that can be worn with little or no thought. On a warm summer day, team them with a pair of jeans or shorts, slip on a pair of sneakers and you are totally good to go. On a cooler day, throw a jacket over the tee for a snug and warm appeal. What’s not to love about a garment as versatile as this?

As an added bonus, T-shirts are low maintenance and an array of good ones in your arsenal can easily take you through an entire season. Another advantage of updating your wardrobe with T-shirts is the fact that they are super affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. T-shirts from Quirky Perks are known for their high quality and cooling comfort, so it is a good idea to stock up your wardrobe with QP T-shirts for a cool and fashionable summer.  Here are some tips to put together a collection of QP T-shirts in your summer wardrobe.


3. Tie-Dye Tshirts

 If tie dye brings pictures of 1960’s hippies with long hair, braids, and rose-colored sunglasses it’s time to rip that tie dye out of t-shirts and tunics and bring it into the present. You can wear tie-dye in a sophisticated and stylish outfit that will make people look twice.

The current day tie dye pieces are no longer the oversized rainbow t-shirts that don’t fit, well, they are still available but you shouldn’t wear them. Tie dye has been transformed into chic muscle tanks, moody caption tanks and sexy t-shirts. What’s even more appealing with tie dye is that each piece is unique. Each tie dye piece is different so when you buy a tie dyed piece you have something that is uniquely yours. 

So, what other pieces could you wear in tie dye besides a tie dye shirt? The answer really depends on how adventurous you are. You can stick with a tank top, such as I have, or wear it in accessories, denim jackets, shorts, dresses, skirts, anything really. You can wear any piece you want in tie dye as long as you follow the three points I made above.


 4. Muscle Tanks

Fitness and fashion trends continue to shift gears with the passage of time. The progressions in the fashion and apparel industry and the craze of wearing fashionable, comfortable, and chic attire are continuously pushing the athleisure industry for taking more innovative measures. As the tastes and preferences regarding the fitness outfits continue to shift from time to time. There are some workout attire items that just never go out of trend. 

One attire item of the sort is muscle tanks.  This lightweight, comfortable, and sweat-wicking gym/casual attire item is one of the most appraised and used attire items fitness lovers and athletes all over the globe swear by. Specifically designed muscle tanks for workout purposes can keep you dry, agile, and comfy during all types of workout regimens.

You will see that a large number of fitness enthusiasts and sports athletes prefer to wear tank tops, especially in the summer season to avoid getting overheated or sweat excessively. You will not see only men wearing this attire item, women also love these comfy tops for remaining fresh during their exercise sessions. The reason why the trend of this athletic item is not fading away with time is due to the fact that you can wear this breathable item to a large number of casual settings. Whether you are going for running, going to the gym for lifting weights, or just going to go for a walk on the beach. This apparel item will make your look casual, sportier, and athletic in all social settings. 

Due to the progressive shift in the dynamic of the sportswear industry the adoption of wearing athleisure outfits not only increased in the gym and outside it. But also the business world is encouraging wearing formal athleisure outfits. Now muscle tanks are being worn to dinner parties, dress-friendly business meetings, and casual hangouts. 

However, wearing a single muscle tank everywhere is not an idle option. There are a lot of modern variations for this outfit item that you can wear on different occasions to look presentable and remain stylish. If you are a sports lover and love to exercise or if you are looking to upgrade your workout attire wardrobe, here is a complete guide for different variations of men’s muscle tanks