One Stop Gift Shop In India

One Stop Gift Shop In India

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One Stop Gifts Shop in India

 Gift shops play a major role in the Indian market, as we celebrate quite a number of festivals as compared to other countries. Along with these festivals, we also participate in numerous international events, of which exchanging gifts is an essential part. But, before we talk about any gifts or any one stop gift shop in India, let’s go back to the basics and see what an actual gift shop is.

 A gift shop, also known as a souvenir shop, is a store primarily selling memorabilia, and other items related to a particular topic or theme. The items often sold include coffee mugs, stuffed animals, toys, t-shirts, postcards, handmade collections and other such items, intended to be kept by the buyer as a memento of their visit, or given to another as a gift. There are many mainstream businesses that target gift-buyers as their primary customers. These retailers can vary in size from small independent boutiques, to chain stores, to large departmental stores. Each will have different business strategies and will typically advertise various product ranges that appeal to different customer groups, with gender, age, celebration or personal interest. Many shops that are not primarily gift shops become gift shops during typical gift-giving periods such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter offering a wide range of gifts for a limited time period in the build-up to these celebrations.

 Now that we know what a basic gift shop is, let’s talk about how major a role they play in India, especially in these modern times. As more people have farther away from each other geographically and as people have lesser time to buy gifts as compared to earlier, they have made a drastic shift from physical shops to online stores. Quirky Perks comes into the picture here, as we are an online store which offers products that can be purchased for oneself or can also be given as gifts during festivals, occasions or on just any other day!

There weren't any “one stop gifts shop” in India until now, because whenever anybody went to buy things for their loved ones, they just couldn’t find the right products that appealed to them, hence they had to hop from store to store in the search of the best gift for their loved ones. This would consume a lot of their time, resulting in near-miss situations, where there couldn't find a gift until the last second. So, the only solution to beat the clock and to not wander around aimlessly searching for a gift, Quirky Perks is here to be your one stop gift shop in India.

Businesses in India have been affected from a long time now, due to a lot of factors, one of them being the pandemic, which is the main reason why physical shops are unable to interact with their customers as they used to do before. Also, gift shops have been less in numbers, in contrast to the number of people they are serving geographically, hence online businesses have grown; they are flexible to accept orders anytime and will deliver your gift to you or your loved ones in the least amount of time. Don’t you agree?

So, from our very own online gift shop  Quirky Perks, we are giving you the list of perks that we have in store:


  1. Apparels for Men:

 Don’t you think tees are the best gifts to give your brothers, friends or boyfriends? We think the same, which is why these are made of 100% pure cotton t-shirts at Quirky Perks, for you to choose from. There are a lot of other prints and designs too, which you can find only at which is the best gift shop in India. Our t-shirts are made of bio-washed material, goes through best DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printing, and has a silky fabric finish.


  1. Apparels for Women

  1. T-shirts:

Can't find clothes you like or relate to? At Quirky Perks, we take this issue very seriously, which is why we have the perfect tees for you or your sisters, friends or girlfriends, to give them that perfect surprise they need. Buy clothes from our gift shop that you won't find anywhere else. We promise. 


4. Jewellery:

                                                      a. Bracelets:

These stack bracelets come in a set of 4 and go great with your everyday casual & minimalistic look. They are beautifully crafted with brass and 18K Gold, and anybody who receives this as a gift would be delighted to find that it blends perfectly with any and every outfit. You can't find such exquisite bracelets in every gift shop, but at Quirky Perks, they are just 2 taps away!    


        b. Rings:

Gift shops are not places that usually sells rings, but at Quirky Perks, you will find quirky rings which are going to be perfect for your fashionista girlfriend or sister. We, at Quirky Perks, make rings in such a way that it can easily go with your everyday look. Moreover, they are crafted in brass with 18K gold.

c. Charms:

The charms at Quirky Perks are cute little jewellery items that can be added to a necklace, watch chain or a bracelet. A perfect gift option for your wives, girlfriends or mothers. Quirky Perks – the one stop gift shop in India is ready with these charms for you to choose. The ones that you see above are the Evil Eye Charms, the Rainbow Charms and the Wishbone Charm. 


 d. Trinket Tray:

Have you ever seen trinket trays in any of the gift shops around your house or in any of the gift shops in your city? We bet you wouldn’t have. So, visit now and go to the jewellery section to find these cute trinket trays which are definitely going to add a touch of chic glam to your bedroom or office. These storage trays also make perfect gifts for your mother, wife, or friends. They are great gifts for occasions such as birthdays, house-warmings, engagements etc.

e. Earrings:

Quirky earrings are something that some would love to adorn whenever they're going for a party, for a dinner, or just to the office. So, we at Quirky Perks, made these beautiful and delicate earrings from ultra-light polymer clay in colors that would go with any of your outfits. Your local gift shops probably won't have an earring collection as extensive as ours at our online store, so rush now to order them before they're out of stock.



f. Watch Chains:

Your watch now has an accessory! Add any charms or initials to your watch chain. These elegant & trendy watch chains go with your everyday look. They are beautifully crafted in brass with 18K Gold and you would find this one only at the one stop gift shop in India i.e., Quirky Perks.



g. Necklace:

Whether it's your sister, your mother, your friend, or your girlfriend, you can pick necklaces from Quirky Perks for anyone and everyone, and believe us, they would be surprised like never before. These necklaces are beautifully crafted in brass with 18K Gold, unlike the you that one would find in the gift shops that are near your house.


So, these are all the jewellery items that we have in our online store. Before moving to the next category, let us tell you that all our jewellery items are very light in weight, precious and beautiful as ever for you to wear them on any kind of outfit you like. Among other categories, the highest number of products we have are under the jewellery section, something which no other gift shop would have for you. Visit now and choose a gift for yourself or for your loved ones.


4. Home Accessories

a. Barware:

Cocktail Glasses: It has always been our goal to add aesthetics to your homeware & glassware collection! So, to work towards this goal, we got you the perfect cocktail glasses for your house parties, with which you can serve your guests in style.

b. Decanters 

Decanter Set: We have a lot of varieties in our decanter sets collection, of which one is this, known as the Alkemist Spirits Goblet. Quirky Perks is really said to be the one stop gift shop in India, as no other gift shop would fulfill your alcohol container needs. Will they?

c. Whiskey Glasses 

Whiskey Glasses: Everyone knows it's more important to note how you have your alcohol and in what you serve it, and not which one you have. That's the reason behind our huge collection of whiskey glasses at our online store which truly makes us the one stop gift shop in India.

5. Kitchen:

a. Bottles:


From workout to work and everything in between, make a style statement wherever you go with the uber cool water bottles from the one stop gift shop in India – Quirky Perks.

b. Coasters

 Tea and coffee stains are a huge problem on our work desks as well as dining tables at home, but no need to worry, we have a solution to that too. Coasters of different styles and designs are one of the gifts we have at our gift shop and they would be the perfect present for your loved one to use in the office or at home.

c. Mugs 

 We have the "I will be my own fucking hero," and many more such mugs, that you can find at our online store, which is one of the best online gift shop in India. Give this fun gift to a friend, or add some zest to your dinnerware collection.

d. Lunch Box

 Your kids have to take their lunch to their school every day, but they don’t have a lunchbox that can match their vibe, yet. Which is why we have this Mickey Mouse lunch box at our gift shop. They could never say no to eating after owning this cute lunchbox.

e. Sipper

We have some super stylish and chic sippers at our online gift shop, one of which  says – Good Vibes Only. Our sippers are versatile and fit snuggly in the refrigerator door pocket and in the side pocket of your bag, which makes storing water/smoothie at home, in the office or outdoors really easy.

 6. Lifestyle:

So, these are our lifestyle products that we have listed above. Here you can see only some product from the whole category, but you can go to our website - and find many more options to choose from. Quirky Perks, the one stop gift shop in India, have the best lifestyle products anybody can have.


 7. Décor:

a. Planters

So, what do we have here? Something that not all gift shops have, and that is cute little planters. To buy a planter you will always have to go to a nursery or a pottery shop, but at Quirky Perks, along with other gifts, you will also find awesome planters to match your home or office décor.

b. Lights

Lights will guide you home and make sure you’d never want to leave it. These beauties from the house of quirk are here to brighten up the gloomy corners of your space with a warm glow. So, visit now, the one stop gift shop in India – Quirky Perks, and get these lights along with a lot more options to gift your loved ones.

8. Stationery:

 a. Notebook, Planner, and Notepad:

We have really quirky notepads, notebooks and planners for you all writers out there, as well as for your writer friends or for those who always likes to note down things and make plans about their daily schedules. Gift shops and stationeries around you will have notepads, but will they have the ones that would match your vibe?

 b. Pens:

 c. Pouches

d. Washi Tapes:

  1. Masks:

We have a lot of masks at our gift shop – Quirky Perks, and we would love to share them with you by delivering them at your doorstep. Now, you don't even have to go out from your home to buy masks, because we are on your phones and laptops, giving you the perfect choice of masks for yourself or for your friends and family members.

  1. Personalised:

Under the personalised category, we have personalised products for both men and women. Does your local gift shop keep personalised products? We know they don’t. So, to be the one stop gift shop for you, we have come up with personalised T-shirts, music plaques, glass bottles and coffee mugs for men, and for women we have personalised tees, crop tops, music plaques, beach hats, necklaces, bracelets, watch chains and glass bottles.


  1. Other Collections:

 a. Beach Hat:

You like beaches a lot? We like beach hats a lot.

We've got you covered with our beach hats, only at the one stop gift shop in India – Quirky Perks.


 b. Pride:

We believe in equality; we are not gender specific. We have products for everyone, literally everyone. This is one of the main reasons why we call ourselves the one stop gift shop in India.

 c. Line Arts:

Arts and crafts will never die in our country and if any gift shops are void of things that don’t exhibit arts and crafts, then we guess it could not be termed as the one stop gift shop in India. Thus, we have products showing line arts at our online store too. These are just some of them shown here. You can choose your best from


d. Unicorn:

 There a lot of things at Quirky Perks which would give you and your friends merch of their favourite animal – unicorns. We know a lot of your friends like them, or if you’re a parent and your kids love unicorns, and so on. So, pick now, from our unicorn category and gift it to your loves one or treat yo' self!


 e. Vintage:

 We have a huge collection of vintage t-shirts and crop tops for all those people who love to own vintage merch. If that sounds like you, then you've come to the best online gift shop to buy vintage apparels, and if its for your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, then this is the place from where you can buy something your loved ones will love more than you! 

 So, now that we've shown all that we, at Quirky Perks, can offer and more, we would like to invite you to choose your favourite articles from the one and only best online gift shop in India viz. Quirky Perks. We, also follow all the hygiene protocols in accordance with the ongoing pandemic. So, you need not worry about any kind of viruses or germs, as this gift shop goes through temperature check, compulsory sanitisation, safe packaging, as well as contactless delivery.

 To being out the perfect sass and soul to your everyday essentials, visit now because we think there is no such thing as too much shopping. And we hope you do too!