Shop Gifts Online Under 1000 Rupees

Shop Gifts Online Under 1000 Rupees

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Festivities are just around the corner, but are you ready with gifts to take with you when you go and meet our relatives and friends? Have you started to shop for gifts online? Because going to physical shops with limited varieties has become so mainstream, and shopping gifts online is the new trend now, so why not? 2020 hasn’t been so fabulous, but we do have a reason for you to smile. We have awesome quirky gifts for all of you only at 


Why can’t gifting be a reason to celebrate, to survive through the year that is 2020? Let’s get to our quirky quirks and see what all things we have in store for you to shop gifts online from. Here are 15 amazing gifting quirks that are truly perks for you in disguise! Also, they all are under 1000 rupees, so we are being easy on your pockets and saving a penny for you to shop more gifts online for yourself and your loved ones. To make your scroll through easier, we have arranged our quirks in ascending order, as per their prices. You don’t even have to apply a filter, how wonderful is that?


So, here’s the list:


1. Living through the pandemic would have been so much more difficult without our masks, gloves, and sanitizer bottles. They have been our lifesavers, literally, and we just can’t thank them enough. Lately, we’ve got so many options in masks with different shapes, sizes, and colours and I am sure all of us would have a bunch of masks in our wardrobe now to match with the different outfits we wear on different days. So now when we shop gifts online, why not add a mask to it and increase our loved ones’ collection with a mask that features the most suitable quote – ‘Ask me if I care’. This mask has been made from ISO certified 100% cotton material. Hence, it is breathable with comfortable ear loops and is priced at just Rs. 150

2. Are you feeling overwhelmed, being stuck indoors? Has your mental health taken a toll? Looking for a new hobby to cultivate? Want to practice self-care? If your answers to these questions are yes, then we have a tiny little planter for you which you can keep anywhere in the house, and it’ll make you feel good. Growing an Aloe Vera for your pre-bed-time skincare regime isn’t a bad idea, right? You can also grow your own basil for that Italian pizza and alfredo pasta or grow bamboo for some peaceful Fengshui of your home, workplace, or your desk! Our mini planter will have you covered in these tough times, so don’t forget to order it when you shop gifts online from Quirky Perks. These planters are made of cement, are easy to handle, and have a lot of colour options too. Gift it to your bestie and grow a plant together! You will find this item at just Rs. 150 only at

3. Do you love dreamy décor and dim lights? If yes, then we have the perfect gift that you can shop while you shop gifts online. Our neon cactus light is a perfect blend of calmness and quirkiness and will add composure at any place that it is kept at. It has 5 little bulbs and comes in a cute little size for easy handling. This gift is surely going to make your loved one miss you every time he/she sets an eye on it. The best thing about this invaluable gift is that it is valued at just Rs. 200 at

4. Did 2020 crash your travel dreams? Or did it made come in your way of beginning your own start-up? Things are not in our hands a lot of times, and we have to stop crying about what didn’t happen and try to find ways about how to make it all happen now that everything is relatively normal again. The first step to start a new business is to jot down the requirements for it. Alternatively, the first step to go for that long-awaited road trip is to make an itinerary. To note down such important things, and also for many other essentials, don’t forget to buy our “Follow That Dream” notepad when you shop gifts online this year. Make new resolutions, follow your heart, write down your secrets, or maybe gift it to your aspiring writer friend and ask him/her to write a new story or blog and be the next JK Rowling. This fabulous notepad is available for only Rs. 250 and you will easily find it on

5. Have you ever thought of adding charms to your life? If you haven’t, we have! Add a little pixie dust to your braceletsnecklaces, and watch chains, and make them unique & sparkly, just like you! We have a lot of varieties in our unique charms to embrace your uniqueness. Below is a picture of a Unicorn charm which can be bought for just Rs. 299 when you shop gifts online on our website.

6. Coffee mugs have always been a renowned gift for everyone when they are shopping for gifts online, so we thought why not offer some coffee mugs from our store? So, here’s one saying “Coffee Please” and not bitch, please! We have seen people saying the latter one when disturbed while having coffee, hence we got a sweeter version of it named ‘Coffee, Please!’ Sip out the stress with a sip of your favourite blend of coffee in our perfectly sized coffee mugs which wouldn’t fail to give you or your loved one positive vibes with each slurp. This one will not hurt your pockets as it is priced at just Rs. 399 and you would find it on under the category of Home Accessories.

7. You are fabulous and you should be reminded of that all the time. A fun fact about being fabulous is that we always have to stay fit and to be that we need to drink lots of water. So, to drink water with style, and to show the people around you how awesome you are, get this flashy bottle with a hashtag of FABULOUS etched on it when you shop gifts online. Stay hydrated & stay fabulous because hydration is important and we are got you covered in a fabulous way for just Rs. 399

8. Fond of jewelleryBraceletsringsnecklaces, and the like? We have it all. You just have to go to and search for your favourite jewellery item from the huge collection we have. Make a style statement and be in fashion with our gold-coloured lock bracelet shown in the picture below. Surprise your friend, girlfriend, sister, or mother with a bracelet charm this Diwali. How you ask? By just spending Rs. 499!

8. Do you have a lot of jewellery items in your wardrobe or drawer and are unable to find the precise one you want for an evening? If yes, then we have the perfect jar for you to keep them all organised and at the tips of your finger instead of finding them all in that huge cupboard. This product is known as a trinket jar with zebra prints, and it is specially made for those who like chic items to be placed on their desks and tables to match them with the room décor. You can gift it to your friends when you shop gifts online this Diwali or Christmas with our braceletscharmschains, or rings. You can get this jar for just Rs. 599!

9. Are you a music lover? Does your heart beat with the rhythm of the songs you play on your phone? Do you listen to the tracks of Lucky Ali or do you dance to the songs of Martin Garrix? Whosoever your favorite artist may be, we have got you covered with this awesome product from Quirky Perks viz. Music Plaque!

Does your favorite music track remind you of the best moments of your life?

Is there a music track that boosts you up and reminds you about how you overcame the toughest challenge of your life?

Why not keep that track as a sweet memory in your room as décor? We have an amazing acrylic made music plaque which you can even customize with a photo of your choice, with your partner or any of your friends. You can also keep a Spotify album as a picture of your choice. All of this, just for Rs. 699 at

10. Are you a minimalist fashionista and struggle with styling an everyday casual look? If yes, then you have come to the right one-stop-shop destination in India to shop gifts onlineThis stack bracelet comes in a set of four and goes with your everyday casual & minimalistic look. They are beautifully crafted in brass with 18K gold, not to forget some of the proud minimal definitions that we have added to them for giving you a feast. Also, they are Lead & Nickel Free and are not easy to break, even if they fall. More importantly, they are made in our own country, so you can be a proud Indian when you were them. We are selling them for just Rs. 799 on our website.

11. Tired of wearing bedtime clothes 24x7 during the pandemic? Looking for some fashion inspiration? Is it too hot to wear those palazzos or long tees? Try our 100% cotton made crop tops because crop tops have now become the highest-selling apparel when people shop for gifts online. There a lot of tops in our collection at, and our favorite one says “Vogue Bitch”. Keep your style game on with this one anytime you go out for a ride or to that party of your friend. Our crop top is wrinkle-free and has high quality direct – to – garment printing. It’s one of the best gifting options for you this season and is priced at just Rs. 799

12. Vanity boxes have long been lost after the introduction of perfectly shaped wardrobes for all of your accessories, but what we think is that bringing out old things in a new way and making them our style statement is what makes us different from others. So here we have this ‘Hexagon Vanity Box’ at to keep your jewellery in an organised way and not in heaps in your drawer. It will save your morning pre – office time and you won’t be taking as long to get ready after you get this box. You can also buy this for your friends who get late in finding their jewellery every time you are going out with them. It is well said that a stitch in time saves nine, hence spend on something guilt-free when you shop gifts online, because we are making you save your valuable pennies by offering this one at just Rs. 899

13.  Whether you’re a coffee person or a chai lover, a coaster doesn’t discriminate. It will save you from those dirty circles on your neat & clean desk, regardless of your drink of choice. Our favorite one is called the Evil Eye coaster and it will be the perfect coaster for your hot chocolates, lattes, mocha, cappuccino, or just your regular kulhad chai. So, while sitting in the office, if you shop gifts online, don’t forget to add this coaster to your cart or add a pack of four evil Eye Coasters for your high tea or group hang-sesh. Keep your surfaces stain-free and sip away all your stress for just Rs. 999 only at

So, these are just some of the many items you’ll find at the Quirky Perks online store under Rs. 1000. Apart from these, there are hundreds of other products, many of which are under Rs. 1000 which will always be useful for you or your friends. It is always a good idea to shop gifts online and because it has its own advantages, and when you do, make Quirky Perks your go-to each time!