What makes us ‘quirky’ you ask? It’s simple—we curate quirky everyday staples that you didn’t know you needed, and we do so to meet your unique needs. Quirky closet stars, bespoke jewellery, and daily personalised perks that reflect you and your generation’s ‘cool’ factor are what make us your one-stop-shop for everything.
A gig born out of a passion for entrepreneurship, Quirky Perks runs its digital store on three props today. Trends that top the charts, niche goodies that don’t burden your pocket, and a quirky style quotient that is boosted by quality; thanks to our vendors! Oh, and did we introduce you to one more special pillar that makes us all the quirkier and cooler? Meet the masters of the smooth sail, behind the scenes - our team!
Our team is a fun-filled group of strangers turned into family. We work, gossip, eat and party together, because well, enjoying your work is what leads to perfection, doesn’t it?